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  • Cannot launch expeditions.
Mission parameters
  • Complete mission objectives up until you can build scrubber drone stations
  • Build the Earth History Center
  • Keep it functioning for one whole sol
  • Vanaar is a mission in Aven Colony.

    Description[ | ]

    Your mission is to grow Vanaar into a colony that can support hundreds of citizens and manufacture and trade exotic foods and Enhancers from alien plant species. Once your colony is ready, we will assign you an objective to build an enormous Earth History Center building and keep it running for one full sol.

    Map[ | ]

    This is a large map with plentiful resources, allowing you to easily experiment with building a large, well-ran colony. There's plenty of space and the temperate climate makes for a highly habitable, friendly environment to put your colonists in.

    Strategies[ | ]

    • This is essentially a continued tutorial for the game. You start with plenty of resources and have access to the almost complete tech tree.
    • Food is going to be in ample supply, thanks to the very fertile ground. Melons grow particularly well, followed by corn and barley. Water should not be a problem due to ample deposits under the ground.
    • Expand steadily. There are four cargo pods spread across the map and while not completely necessary for the colony's survival, they are an easy grab when you're building up to the geothermal vents or zorium deposits.
    • Zorium is available from two deposits, for a total of 19,000 units. There are also two geothermal vents, one in your nearest vicinity (grab it as soon as possible), making power supply problems a non-issue.
    • Copper and iron are also in decent supply, with the first copper deposit right by your initial landing location.
    • Most importantly, you will steadily receive additional missions from your handlers, meant to familiarize you with the specifics of colonial administration. Take your time and everything should go fine!

    Trade[ | ]