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Valley of Death
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Mission parameters
  • Build 100 structures.
  • Build 7 plasma turrets.
  • Destroy all zealot groups and bases during expeditions.

Valley of Death is a mission in Aven Colony.

Description[ | ]

A group of your former colonists somehow learned about the ancient cult that cursed the civilization that once lived on Aven Prime ... and they've adopted the cult themselves! These delusional rebels have turned feral and they are apparently attempting to locate an alien named "The Seterdari." Our reports have made clear that the zealots are gathering their forces in the desert area around the so-called "Valley of Death." You'll need to set up a colony in the valley and then destroy all the zealot groups in the surrounding area.

Map[ | ]

An arid map with very limited access to arable land. Worse yet, you have limited expansion space, since the Valley is cross-shaped, with you at the center. There are six relatively small arable areas, with a limited number of resources.

Strategies[ | ]

  • A dry map where the key challenge is expanding into the arable areas. The one closest to you is an optimal first step, though you'll have to keep a close eye on your nanites, particularly on higher difficulty levels.
  • An expedition center is not only mandatory here, but also very useful for gathering the stockpiles and points of interests around the colony.
  • Be sure to maintain trade. The plague vaccine export is incredibly useful.
  • The ultimate goal is to wipe out the zealots. Make sure your expedition center is staffed at 100% and the ship has as many upgrades as possible, as each group has the maximum combat rating (50) and number 10 warriors.

Trade[ | ]

  • 20 nanites for 100 ration packs
  • 25 iron for 100 barley
  • 150 quinoa for 180 rice
  • 150 corn syrop for 200 paste
  • 225 barley for 300 melons (Vanaar)
  • 200 plague vaccine for 300 nanites