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VR center
Vr 01.png
Effect+12 entertainment morale

VR center is a Services-related building in Aven Colony.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Provides colonists with tactile virtual reality entertainment, significantly increasing morale in the area. Each Transport VR center is open 167 hours per sol.

Titles[edit | edit source]

  • VRR-1: Ancient Civs of Earth: Rome (210 hours)
  • VRR-2: Ancient Civs of Earth: United Kingdom (975 hours)
  • VRR-3: Ancient Civs of Earth: Russia (620 hours)
  • VRR-4: Ancient Civs of Earth: United States (890 hours)
  • VRR-5: Training: Drone Control (10k hours+)
  • VRR-6: Training: Filtration Engineering (10k hours+)
  • VRR-7: Training: Habitat Management (10k hours+)
  • VRR-9: Sim: The Last Space Cop: Final Bullet, Part 2 (50 hours)
  • VRR-10: Sim: Vipers on a Dropship (1hr 49m)
  • VRR-11: Sim Series: How Would You Do? Life Support Malfunction! (2.5m)
  • VRR-12: Sim: HL3 (15m, demo)
  • Training: Master Aditya's Yoga (2 hours, ongoing)