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Tenari Glacier
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  • Limited farming, well suited for enhancer manufacturing
Mission parameters
  • Achieve 90% morale
  • Reach 300 population
  • Manufacture and export 400 Amberjoy, 500 Xenoglow
  • Export 800 total items
  • Recover and research alien artifacts (map and expedition)
  • Activate The Unity and the Shield artifacts
  • Tenari Glacier is a mission in Aven Colony.

    Description[ | ]

    This small colony near Tenari Glacier is in trouble right now, and you'll need to start by stabilizing it. After you rescue the colony, you must grow it into a large enhancer manufacturing center. Despite the cold climate, the ingredients used in the manufacture of most enhancers grow extraordinarily well here. Once your colony is sufficiently stabilized, we'll also need you to collect, research, and activate another unidentified object in the area, while ensuring that Tenari Glacier becomes a hub for all trade on Aven Prime.

    Map[ | ]

    Tenari Glacier is a map that can be a challenge if you haven't honed your skills on previous maps. For starters, it's an arctic climate with precious little arable area and far-flung resource nodes, requiring steady expansion. Fortunately, unlike Hyla's Crescent, there's no shortage of minerals here: You will need them.

    Strategies[ | ]

    • Tenari Glacier starts you off with a challenge. The colony has a damaged air intake, a pissed-off population and your job is to salvage and expand it into a profitable enterprise. The disgruntled population will be a particular thorn in your side throughout the mission.
    • First off, follow Vori's objectives. They will help quickly get the colony back on track. In other words, immediately upgrade the construction drone hub, repair the air intake, build a mine and a nanite processor (particularly on higher difficulty levels the initial cash grant will disappear faster than you can cough), and use the nearest arable area to set up an agriculture. Broccoli, as you can see from the above survey maps, will be your go-to crop here. Then harness the nearest geothermal vents as soon as possible and supplement them with level 3 solar panels when you're in a pinch.
    • One of the goals here is to establish an enhancers manufacturing center. The disgruntled colonists will have to be put on a steady diet of boosters to make them more pliable. Note that most enhancers will have a negative impact on health and crime, so when putting them on a diet, make sure you have hospitals and police drone hubs.
    • Activating the first alien artifact will get you to the goal of 90% happiness.
    • The ultimate goal is to reach the ruins on the expedition map. Make sure your expedition center is well maintained and staffed.

    Trade[ | ]