Aven Colony Wiki

Structures are the basics of building a successful colony in Aven Colony. The game has 33 different structures to choose from (70 structures with upgrades included).

Structures are split into thirteen major categories. Every building requires power to function. Most buildings will also require workers, and their efficiency will depend on the amount of workers that are employed by the building.

Building types[ | ]

  • Tunnel: Supports transmission of goods, electricity, and water, and the movement of colonists around the colony. Tunnels are the preferred means of conveyance for all colonists. Having to pass through a building decreases morale.
  • Residential structures: Essential buildings for maintaining population. If a population goes over the number of available habitable space, surplus colonists are euthanized.
  • Resource management structures: Resource management buildings expand the maximum amount of resources and items (of any kind) that you can store and allow them to be processed into advanced goods. Note that they all need power, otherwise the contents stored within will start to expire.
  • Spaceport buildings: Structures that support ships that can exchange resources or colonists with the Colony Ship or explore the surrounding area.
  • Electricity structures:Power generation is essential for keeping the buildings functioning.
  • Drone management structures: Drones are the basic workers of the colony, allowing for it to be expanded and protected.
  • Defense buildings: Protect the colony from environmental threats on Aven Prime.
  • Farming structures: Farming structures produce the food necessary to sustain your colonists.
  • Mining structures: Structures for mining Iron, Copper, Potash, and Zorium deposits, and for synthesizing Nanites from Iron and Copper.
  • Water extraction structures: One of the most basic resources on the planet. Essential for survival.
  • Air management structures: Structures for maintaining the colony's hermetically-sealed internal atmosphere.
  • Technology structures: Structures related to advanced technologies that your colony can research and use
  • Services-related structures: Structures related to maintaining morale and providing public services such as health care
  • Megastructures: Enormous and extremely expensive structures for enhancing your colony.