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The statistics screen

Statistics is a special tab in the colony management options screen, showing you both the current status of the colony, from levels of supplies and resources to less obvious statistics, such as the percentage of housing and jobs filled. These are a very useful tool when it comes to management of the colony, especially since you can dock a statistic chart anywhere on the screen, by clicking the angled arrow button right above the statistics list and place it where you want it. The sheet will contain the selected statistics.

Tips[ | ]

  • Housing and jobs are two of the most important elements of colony management and this allows you to keep track of them continuously, to preempt situations where you run out of living space or worker shortages (particularly if you shut down immigration either via policy or detaching the immigration center from the colony). A good rule of thumb is to keep both of these between 60 and 80 percent.
  • It's also a good idea, particularly in Azara Falls and other areas with restricted food and water supply, to keep a chart open that shows the supply of both. That way you can estimate your future need for expansion and act accordingly.
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