Aven Colony Wiki

Resource management buildings expand the maximum amount of resources and items (of any kind) that you can store and allow them to be processed into advanced goods. Note that they all need power, otherwise the contents stored within will start to expire.

Storage Depots[]

Image Structure Nanites Power
Storage mini 01.png
Mini-storage depot 11 5 1000
Storage 01.png
Storage depot (Tier 1) 26 12 5000
Storage 02.png
Storage depot (Tier 2) 36 12 6500
Storage 03.png
Storage depot (Tier 3) 48 12 8000


The two refineries are simple to understand
Mills are required to make edible items out of raw input from farming structures. Chemical plants manufacture enhancers and medicine.
Image Structure Nanites Power
Mill 01.png
Mill (Tier 1) 44 18 18
Mill 02.png
Mill (Tier 2) 66 18 18
Distillery 01.png
Chemical plant (Tier 1) 46 20 18
Distillery 02.png
Chemical plant (Tier 2) 68 20 18