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Social policies are optional laws that you can pass if you win referendums. Almost all affect Freedom morale negatively, but can be useful in streamlining colony operations, such as reducing water and power consumption.

List of policies[edit | edit source]

Policy Advantage Disadvantage
-20% food consumption -7 to -11 Freedom morale
-20% water consumption -7 to -11 Freedom morale
Stabilizes employment - 1 to -3 Freedom morale
Stabilizes colony population - 1 to -3 Freedom morale
Allows annoyed colonists to leave.
-2 electricity usage for habitats and skyscrapers -2 to -4 Freedom morale
+10% colonist production -7 to -9 Freedom morale
No protests
-30% crime
-8 to -12 Freedom morale
+3 to +5 Entertainment morale +3 power usage at Habitats and Skyscrapers
Automates repair -8 to -12 nanites per sol

Other functionality[edit | edit source]

The policy screen allows you to activate artifacts
  • Policy empowerment.png Charge: Instantly refills all batteries.
  • Policy shielding.png Shielding: Creates a protective shield in a large radius around the containment unit.
  • Policy unity.png Unity: Maxes morale out.
  • Policy cleansing.png Cleansing: Instantly removes all plague and creep spores across the map, both airborne and already deployed.
As well as and boosts:
  • Policy icon airboost.png Ventilation Boost: Increases the effectiveness of all Intake Fans and Air Filters by 250%.
  • Policy icon cdroneboost.png Drone Boost: Increases the effectiveness of your Construction Drones by 250%.
  • Policy icon plasmaboost.png Plasma Boost: Reduces plasma turret cooldown by 50% (doubling the fire rate).
  • Policy icon scrubberboost.png Scrubber Boost: Increases the scrubbing speed by 200%.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]