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Plague vaccine
Resicon antibiotics
EffectReduces plague duration
Building requiredChemical Plant (Tier 2)

Plague vaccine is a resource in Aven Colony.

Characteristics[ | ]

Can be manufactured at a Chemical Plant (Tier 2) and distributed at a Hospital to allow faster recovery from alien plague infections.

Strategy[ | ]

  • Plague vaccines are useful in case any Plague Spores manage to infiltrate your colony. The vaccines are incredibly efficient - all the areas with hospital coverage will become pretty much immune to the plague for as long as the vaccines are in stock.
  • Vaccines will not be used if there are no infected colonists. As such, keep a stock of a couple hundred units on hand, otherwise you'll be pointlessly clogging up your storage depots.
  • Vaccine usage depends on number of colonists in the colony, not the number of actually infected colonists.