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Hyla's Crescent
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  • Limited mineral resources
Mission parameters
  • Acquire the artifact
  • Hyla's Crescent is a mission in Aven Colony.

    Description[ | ]

    We've identified the location of a larger foreign object. You will need to build a large agricultural colony, extend it around the great central lake to reach the object, then recover it and study it. Mind your minerals! While this area is excellent at supporting food cultivation, the mineral deposits here are meager at best, and you'll run out quickly if you're not careful.

    Map[ | ]

    As the name suggests, Hyla's is a large, crescent-shaped map, centered around a large lake exiting into the sea. Neither water nor crops are going to be a problem here, so compared to Azara Falls, you can rest easily knowing that your colonists aren't going to starve to death. However, the area is mineral-poor and you will need to expand carefully. Another notable feature of the area are five geothermal vents clustered near your colony, allowing for a steady supply of power.

    Strategies[ | ]

    • Hyla's Crescent can be a slog if you aren't careful with your nanite income. You shouldn't have problems establishing an agriculture, but to get a good income, you need to be proactive. To that end, have a farm or greenhouse grow kelko spores. Then build a research center as soon as possible and a chemical plant to convert the spores into sludge. A good supply of spores will help reduce the impact of mineral shortages, especially if you do it in advance, before exhausting the local mineral nodes.
    • Also, in case it's not clear, don't build a laser mine here. Ever.
    • It's a good idea to ensure that your kelko-producing facilities are up to snuff. Set a high priority on the chemical plant and the nanite assemblers to maintain a steady output of nanites.
    • Expand steadily, focusing on the geothermal vents. The biggest advantage of expansion isn't just access to more space and power: You will gain access to cargo pods scattered across the area and the nanites within. However, the biggest challenge will be to balance out the speed of expansion with the limited amount of resources at your disposal, especially since you will have to put up with very intense creep attacks (so build up your defenses or scrubber stations well in advance).

    Trade[ | ]

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