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Forced overtime
Policy forced overtime
Effect+10% colonist production
Cost-7 to -9 Freedom morale

Forced overtime is a policy in Aven Colony.

Overview[ | ]

Increases all colonists' efficiency by 10%, but at a mounting cost to Health and Morale.

Strategy[ | ]

The combined morale cost (Freedom and Health morale) will generally not go over 30%. Well staffed Hospital will reduce the penalty to morale from low Health. As long as colonist morale doesn't drop below 50%, there are no penalties outside Referendum.

The policy should be disabled when hospital coverage is inadequate, Air quality drops very low in some staffed buildings, before Referendum (unless other morale bonuses make up for it), or when the morale penalty causes more problems than the efficiency bonus.

Stacks with Starglow, for a total of 120%-122% efficiency.