Energy battery

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Energy battery
Battery 01.pngBattery 03.png
EffectStores 10/30 energy units
+2 to adjoining buildings, stores energy Resicon electricity.png Power

14/27 Resicon nanites.png Nanites

Energy battery is a Electricity building in Aven Colony.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Can absorb electricity from its power zone and provide stored power.

Notably, the research center can research the following boosts at tier 2, which can be activated from the policies screen:

  • Policy icon airboost.png Ventilation Boost: Increases the effectiveness of all Intake Fans and Air Filters by 250%.
  • Policy icon cdroneboost.png Drone Boost: Increases the effectiveness of your Construction Drones by 250%.
  • Policy icon plasmaboost.png Plasma Boost: Reduces plasma turret cooldown by 50% (doubling the fire rate).
  • Policy icon scrubberboost.png Scrubber Boost: Increases the scrubbing speed by 200%.

Updates[edit | edit source]

  • The "+2 to adjoining buildings" bonus was removed for the release build of the game.[1]