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Energy battery
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EffectStores 10/30 energy units
+2 to adjoining buildings, stores energy Resicon electricity Power

14/27 Resicon nanites Nanites

Energy battery is a Electricity building in Aven Colony.

Characteristics[ | ]

To store power an energy battery must be connected to a power zone with at least 1 more electricity provide than demanded, and (probably a bug) at least 1 structure other than a walkway that is using electricity.

Each energy battery can convert a maximum of four unused electricity to storage per game hour from the connected power zone. Electricity is converted to storage at a rate of 10/12% of a "unit" per unused electricity (max 4 per battery) per game hour, or 0.1 "units" per 3 game hour at max. Additionally a lightning tower can instantly fill approximately nine total "units" of storage on a battery connected to the same power zone, per lightning strike.

Batteries can provide stored electricity to their power zone in the amount of 1 demand-hour per 9/12% stored "units". This also means for each nine electricity stored, ten can be output. A tier 2 energy battery that is fully charged (30 "units") can provide four thousand demand-hours of electricity; for example, a power zone demanding 40 electricity can run for 100 game hours from a fully charged tier 2 battery (4000 / 40 = 100).

Notably, the research center can research the following boosts at tier 2, which can be activated from the policies screen:

  • Policy icon airboost Ventilation Boost: Increases the effectiveness of all Intake Fans and Air Filters by 250%.
  • Policy icon cdroneboost Drone Boost: Increases the effectiveness of your Construction Drones by 250%.
  • Policy icon plasmaboost Plasma Boost: Reduces plasma turret cooldown by 50% (doubling the fire rate).
  • Policy icon scrubberboost Scrubber Boost: Increases the scrubbing speed by 200%.

Updates[ | ]

  • The "+2 to adjoining buildings" bonus was removed for the release build of the game.[1]