Aven Colony Wiki

Electricity structures provide power essential for keeping the buildings functioning.

List of power generators[]

Both wind and solar require no workers. The output of solar is halved in winter. Both can be effective substitutes for larger generators on mineral-rich colonies.
Image Structure Nanites Power Prod.
Workers Required
Wind turbine 01.png
Wind turbine 9 6 0 Wind
Solar 01.png
Solar panel (Tier 1) 12 8 0 Sunlight
Solar 02.png
Solar panel (Tier 2) 22 18 0 Sunlight
Solar 03.png
Solar panel (Tier 3) 30 26 0 Sunlight
Geothermal 01.png
Geothermal generator (Tier 1) 24 200 10 Geothermal Vent
Geothermal 02.png
Geothermal generator (Tier 2) 36 260 10 Geothermal Vent
Thorium 01.png
Zorium generator (Tier 1) 86 360 21 Zorium
Thorium 02.png
Zorium generator (Tier 2) 136 504 21 Zorium
Reflector 01.png
Transceiver 120 800 Sunlight


Batteries store energy for later use and have to be manually turned on from the policy panel. With research center upgraded to tier 2, they can also provide a variety of boosts.
Image Structure Nanites Power Cons.
Battery 01.png
Energy battery (Tier 1) 14 1 10
Battery 03.png
Energy battery (Tier 2) 27 1 30


  • While both zorium and geothermal are area-effective solutions to power generation and the humble solar panels get glosses over in later sols of the colony's development, it's worth noting that solar panels are completely unmanned and have a minuscule impact on air quality, while geothermics and zorium both have a significant negative impact. If you have plenty of nanites, but few colonists or persistent air quality problems, a large network of solar panels can help.