Aven Colony Wiki

Deep core mine is Overworld structure 1 of 3
This is main colony support.
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- build Ark Ship on Ark Launcher
- 500 Nanite to build Each Remote Settlement
Each remote Settlement can support up to 2 other installations of any type nearby. Each Remote Settlement also requires 1 Colony Terminal in your colony to support it.

setup Colony Terminal? how specific the route?
-Custom Trade Contracts
We also have added support for custom trade contracts with Remote Settlements. If you’ve built a settlement outside your colony, you can now trade with it and pick the specific resources you want to import or export.
Once you have set up your Remote Settlements, you can actually set up custom Trade Contracts with them.

How to set up a trade route with a Remote settlement?

If you're looking to transport the resources from a Deep Core Mine to your main colony, select a Trade Hub in your main colony. Open the Trade UI and scroll all the way up. You can now set up a custom trade route. It requires you to import 1 and export between 1 and 3 resources.

Check the Permanent checkbox if you want this trade route to run continuously. Select the custom trade route (you may need to uncheck existing trade routes first) and wait for the resources to come in.