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Azara Falls
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Mission parameters
  • Analyze the three structures
  • Build the Space elevator
  • Azara Falls is a mission in Aven Colony.

    Description[ | ]

    The mysterious alien object recovered during the Sandy Gulch expedition has pointed the way to some sort of structural complex near Azara Falls. Your objective is to grow the Azara Falls outpost into a functional colony, then analyze these structures once your colony is able to do so. The lander pilot was blown off the mark by high winds, and as a result, this colony is far from fertile terrain. You will need to survive on trade alone until your colony has enough food income to expand. Follow the mission objectives closely!

    Map[ | ]

    A large, cold map where you start in the center and have to face quick starvation if you don't find a way to procure enough food for your people. The three fertile areas are far away from your starting position and will require several expansions to reach. For most of the mission, you will need to rely on trade to survive. Fortunately, mineral nodes and geothermal vents are plentiful in this area, so you have funds to work with.

    Strategies[ | ]

    • The mission will require some tight planning in the early sols. You start with a decent amount of food and nanites, but they only go so far. Follow Vori's recommendations closely to get out fast. In other words, expand to the nearest geothermal vent, set up a gold mine at the nearest node, then acquire the iron node and a nanite processor. Finally, set up a trade hub and immigration center. Follow that with other needs, such as the water pump. Then start the trade route for food. Gold gives you the most bang for your buck overall. Now you're pretty well taken care of.
    • Maximize your nanite intake to allow for faster expansion (micromanage and set each mine and processor to max efficiency, since you don't have farming and thus more spare workers). This will aid in your expansion towards the fertile fields, which are necessary to achieve sustainability. Set up broccoli there (mmmmm) and continue expanding. Your eventual goal will be to reach the three alien structures and analyze them with a construction drone.
    • Finally, you need to construct a Space Elevator, so start saving up!

    Trade[ | ]