Aven Colony Wiki

Aven Prime is the target destination of the first concerted colonization effort that humans undertook. It is a large planet with multiple climate zones, from temperate paradises to frigid wastelands. As colonial governor, it will be your job to ensure that your colonists build a new future on this frontier world. However, Aven Expedition isn't the first sentient species to arrive on the planet - quite the contrary...

Notable features[ | ]

Geothermal craters[ | ]

A notable feature of the landscape, a bubbling pool of geothermally heated water is a potent source of energy. It occasionally emits clouds of deadly hydrogen sulfide gases. Placing a geothermal generator generates electricity and prevent toxic gas emissions.

Lightning storms[ | ]

A nasty feature of night on Aven Prime, lightning is incredibly destructive and can destroy tunnels in a single shot. Lightning towers protect against this and double as charging rods for energy battery installations.

Ice shards[ | ]

Yet another impressive feature of life on Aven, ice shards fall during winter at terminal velocities, dealing damage to the colony on impact. Far less potent than lightning, ice shards can nonetheless wreak havoc on unprotected colonies. Plasma turrets can intercept the attacks.

Fauna[ | ]

Plague Spores[ | ]

Plague spores are peculiar entities that attack living beings of all types - preferably humans - infecting them with a potent plague.

Containment: Airborne spores can be destroyed by plasma turrets. Infected colonists can be treated by hospitals (plague vaccine boosts the efficacy of the treatment).

Creep Spores[ | ]

A curious expression of the planet's fauna, creep spores are airborne abominations that latch themselves to any structure or vehicle in the vicinity, gradually deconstructing them. The point of the creep's activity is largely unknown, but it does represent a clear and present threat to the colonists.

Containment: Airborne spores can be destroyed by plasma turrets. Those latched on can be removed with scrubber drones. Think of creep as fires that break out in other city builder games.