Atmospheric condenser

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Atmospheric condenser
Condenser 01.pngCondenser 02.png
CategoryWater extraction
EffectTier 1: +10.4 water per hour/+12 Air quality
Tier 2: +13.8 water per hour/+16 Air quality
13/20 Resicon nanites.png Nanites

Atmospheric condenser is a Water extraction building in Aven Colony.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

In game description: Pulls moisture directly from the air to extract water. Not very effective, but can produce water anywhere on the planet. Can also enter water electrolysis mode, acting as an air filter.

Despite the description, the condenser is an effective source of water. Tier 2 produces 4.6 water per worker every hour. This is only outmatched by a tier 2 water pump on a tile with the highest water abundancy. (4.875 water per worker every hour) Yet, a tier 2 water pump on the second best water abundancy produces 4.175 water per worker every hour. On a map with sparse water abundancy this water source may be preferred due to limitations inherent in a water pump.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Atmospheric condenser is less efficient in terms of nanites cost, energy cost, manpower cost, and output per tile, than a well placed water pump or air filter. Its manpower efficiency (water/worker) is comparable to a water pump on a ~65% "water quality" tile.

Electrolysis mode does not benefit from Ventilation Boost.